Course Description

The Beginner Death Training Course is open to anyone wishing to conquer their fear of death and rebirth. The course runs 4 consecutive weeks, and requires attendance at each and every one of the course runs, so that we do not have to repeat a class.

There is a run every single day, 7 days a week, at various times, to accommodate any time zone you might find yourself in, either daily or temporarily if you're traveling. We can work with any time and any day you care to name.

Each 2-hour class is $15, so you'd pay $60 non-refundable, in advance, for the whole 4-week Beginner's Course.

I will personally conduct each of the classes until my helpers are trained up.

Once on course, you'll be given instructions for each class. Every class is different with a different setup and mechanisms in place, so you will be expected to be set up in advance per instructions, to be ready for the next class. We cannot take up class time getting you set up with the required online and offline mechanics.

Space is very strictly limited, not because of any decision I have made about it, but by the sheer necessities of online communication and the profound limitations here in the 21st century.

Please don't forget that this is a BEGINNER'S course, and that it will accordingly be made easy, safe and simple.

Although the subject is frightening and forbidding, we should have a good time of it. The Death Training Course is made to be fun and entertaining, at the same time you're learning the grim realities of death and rebirth.

By the end of the course, you'll be feeling pretty fearless, and ready for the Intermediate Death Training Course, which takes you through the guilt, remorse and grief stages.

Directly after that, you'll be eligible for the Master's death Training Course, in which you learn to easily and fearlessly handle the shocking ambushes of the Bardos.

You do receive a certification when you complete your Masters, which goes up on the wall along with your LRS Doctorate.